43.449428, 6.604120
20 August 2019

«They [The mountains] live in deep time in a way that we do not. Behind and beyond the mountains, stretch eons too vast for us to comprehend. They were here long before we were even dreamed of. They watched us arrive. They will watched us leave.»


Rocks existed before us and it will remains after us. A rock is a strates of history. The colours of a stone are defined by its mineral components, which in turn, depend on the original sediment and the geological history. I am fascinated by this historical strates and the vastness.

Most of the time, when I hike, I come back with stones that I collected. Just like a photograph, a stone is a trace: a trace of an experience and of what remains, a trace of time. During a week and half,I spent in the South of France, I went hiking everyday. I was taking with vehemence a lot of photographs in order to convey my fascination to the reader.