10 February 2016
Aurélie Sorriaux
Studio Manager for Adam Jeppesen
Assistant Printmaking for Chantal Elisabeth Ariëns

Aurélie Sorriaux born in 1994 is a visual artist from France. She is currently based in Amsterdam. After a Bachelor of Photography in France, she studied the Fine Arts for a year before graduating from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie with a Bachelor of Arts in Photography.
Her photographs are visual explorations through memory, experience and the complex state of existence. She is interested in the subject of time and the traces that time leaves behind, investigating how time expresses itself in geology, stones and mountains but also the line and meaning of time in human’s lives and ancestry. She examines the delineation of the family’s heritage across generations and how this history culminates in ourselves. Sorriaux explores the link with the geology, studying the visible traces of time left upon the earth’s surface.
Since 2021, Aurélie Sorriaux is working mainly with printmaking, delving into the process of creation through layering or pressing. A concept which corresponds to the creation of rocks as well as the inscribed memories in humans.
Aurélie Sorriaux is a laureate of the GUP New Talents 2021 & FreshEyes Talent 2021.
She exhibited In Search of my Curls at the Foam Museum in Amsterdam in 2020.


2022 – Un Noeud à mon Mouchoir, MJC des 3 Maisons, Nancy, FR
2022 – The Other Art Book Fair, Quartair, The Hague, NL
2022 – February Art Market, Vrij Paleis, Amsterdam, NL
2021 – AiR Exhibition, De Bouwput, Amsterdam, NL
2021 – Fresh Eyes European Talents 2021, Keilestraat 9, Rotterdam, NL
2020 – GUP New Photo Talent, Kahmann Gallery, Amsterdam, NL
2020 – Gerrit Rietveld Academie – The Graduation Show, Foam Museum, Amsterdam, NL
2020 – Graduation Show, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, NL
2018 – Festival Locomotion, Gallery My Monkey, Nancy, FR
2018 – Mission Nose out, Beautiful Distress Huis, Amsterdam, NL
2018 – Cringe – The Anticipation of Touch, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, NL
2016 – Les 400 vues, Paris, FR
2015 – Interstice, Nancy, FR
2022 – AGALAB – Interview
2021 – Fresh Eyes 2021
2021 – L’Oeil de la Photographie, April 2021
2021 – Gup New Talent – Portfolio
2021 – Artist Spotlight – Artsted
2021 – Al-Tiba9 Issue07, Art Magazine, Limited Edition
2020 – GUP New Talents 2021
Budapest International Foto Awards 2021
Annual Photo Awards 2021
GUP New Talents 2021
Preus Museum library, NO – Map & Panorama, Diary of 5 days in Minsk; “Yes, I am palimpsest too”; Blow UP I & II
2022 – Villa Anita DV, California, USA
2021 – AiR AGALAB, Amsterdam, NL
2015 – Les 400 vues, Paris, FR
2021-Present – Assistant Printmaking for Chantal Elisabeth Ariëns
2020-Present – Studio Manager for Adam Jeppesen
2020-2021 – Studio Assistant of Alinka Echeverría
2019 – Assistant for Adam Jeppesen during the exhibition The Great Filter at BRANDTS Museum, Odense, DK
2019 – Studio Assistant of Alinka Echeverría
2016 – with Vincent Marcilhacy, Sophie Boidin
2015 – with Ola Rindal, William Ropp, Michel Mazzoni, Anne Immelé