In Search of my Curls
3 July 2020
While many of Sorriaux’s previous projects involved a mapping of geographical landscapes, studying the visible traces of time left upon the earth’s surface, In Search of My Curls is a project, while continuing within the same vein of in-depth research, that maps out a far more abstract concept — the delineation of her family’s heritage across generations, and how this history culminated in her being. Indeed, Sorriaux appears to approach the project with the research-driven mindset of a geologist. As the only one in her family to possess a head of curly hair, this question of identity and its source seemed all the more pertinent to Sorriaux, who sought to understand the factors that one may use in determining our feeling of connectedness with our family. What defines the relationship of family, besides blood? Is it likeness, language, culture, or perhaps a set of presiding principles that come about from a culmination of all of the above? Can one find answers to such questions by looking into remnants of the past?

Author SOPHIE BEERENS for Gup News – Stories