In search of my curls
3 July 2020

“In search of my curls” is a work about the heritage and the question of ourselves. A research into what is passed on in the family, what remains from our origin and how to identify with it.

My project tells the difficulty of not finding what I am looking for. An unsuccessful research through archives, DNA tests and involving my close family members. All of these didn’t give me the answers I was looking for, only the fact that its not where one should conduct research.The book itself is a collection of different areas of research. They are not exclusive. As branches of a tree there is a lot of possibilities waiting to be explored.

I wrote a list of questions I would have liked to ask to my ancestors and then give them to my parents. The questions are an attempt to be close to my ancestors, and an idea of how they would respond. From this, I wrote fictional stories, fictional exchange with my ancestors: what would they had pass on me. Obviously, this isn’t true, it could have been written in a lot of different versions. What is veridical is that the transmission is done by close relatives and that is often the only source of knowledge, the rest is in the imagination.

Finally, the question of identity is inherent in any search for origin. Genealogists tend to find similarities and hereditary traits. As a genealogist, I seek to explain something on the basis of verified data and thus strengthen my identity.