10 February 2016
Aurélie Sorriaux
(1994, Nancy)
Studio Manager for Adam Jeppesen
Artist assistant of Alinka Echeverría
My photographic approach lean toward the trace as mark of existence, the memory and the experience. I attach a strong importance about the medium to present the images. I’m improving my knowledge about photography history, art history and literature. My photographic practice is especially made by silver photography, shot and print, even if the digital frequently appears as a complement.
An invisible visible
Suppose the notion of invisibility is not what we cannot see, but simply what we do not watch ?
The ordinary, the common, the forgotten are the subjects of my production. My approach is spontaneous, intuitive and maintains a link to the immaterial. Mixing regard and sensation, perception and abstraction, my images reveal the otherworldliness and the surrounding. Tinted of blue, the color of immateriality by essence, my photographs become abstractions of the real or a real (in the Deuleuzian vision). Digital is associated to the idea of virtual and immaterially, I’m using this predicate by way of silver photography, medium using the real. My images reveal without enslaving, they offer themselves without demonstrating. I blend the notion of immateriality with the « percept » of Deleuze. Immaterial is, by definition, in opposition with the matter and does not have a connection to the senses. The percept is « a collection of perceptions and sensations which survive to those who are feeling them », so, abstraction deals with the feelings which remain on the image after reality was represented without any links with the object. It’s the result of the feelings which stay without the human judgement nor the human conception. Abstraction is a research on the nature of things.
BA Photography, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, 2017-2020
2nd year of Fine Arts, Université de Lorraine, Metz, 2016-2017
BA Photography, École de Condé Nancy, 2013-2016

Festival Locomotion, Gallery My Monkey, Nancy, FR
Mission Nose out, collective, Beautiful Distress Huis, Amsterdam, NL
Cringe - The Anticipation of Touch, collective, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, NL
Les 400 vues, collective, Paris, FR
Interstice, collective, Nancy, FR
Assisted Adam Jeppesen during the exhibition The Great Filter at BRANDTS — Museum of Art and Visual Culture, Odense, DK
Studio Assistant of Alinka Echeverría
Les 400 vues, Paris

with Vincent Marcilhacy, Sophie Boidin
with Ola Rindal, William Ropp, Michel Mazzoni, Anne Immelé

L’Est Républicain, mai 2015
She does not like clichés. When Aurélie Sorriaux photographs Nice, she carefully avoids the Promenade des Anglais. The memory she brought back from Paris could come from the Indian subcontinent. It’s not about the places she photographs with her silver camera which never leaves her, but mostly « the instant » or the « scene » she witnesses. Aurélie Sorriaux is one of the 9 students of the second year of the École de Condé school to attend Michel Mazzoni’s workshop (photographer established in Bruxelles) about the theme « Strange and poetic in the everyday life ». « By dint of work on a screen, some students have a tendency to forget the notion of materiality », explains Michel Mazzoni. « We’ve conducted a work about the regard. I invited them to go behind the appearances ».